Special Investigations/ Fraud Attorney Louisiana

DeRouen Law Firm is experienced in providing legal services to insurance carriers and self-insureds involved in investigating suspicious and fraudulent bodily injury and property insurance claims. Our firm works with clients from consultation about suspicious claims and with law enforcement for the prosecution of fraudulent claims. Lawsuits filed by people who commit insurance fraud usually contain bad faith claims handling allegations against our clients so our expertise in that area of law also assists our clients in this Practice Area.

We provide personal attention and expertise in the follow areas:

  • Arson
  • Auto theft and burns
  • VIN switch
  • Paper vehicles
  • Passenger stuffing
  • Staged accidents
  • EUO's
  • Sworn Statements

The attorneys at DeRouen Law Firm are recognized for our expertise in fraud investigations, as well as for our access to investigators experienced in arson, cause and origin, auto theft, and all facets of commercial insurance fraud.

New Orleans SIU Law Firm

We routinely assist our clients in their investigation of suspicious and fraudulent insurance claims by taking Examinations Under Oath, identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses and by obtaining documents from various third parties and governmental entities.

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